Chloe is the main antagonist of the book Sleepovers. In the book Chloe is shown to be enemies of Daisy, Emily, Amy and Bella, the girls of the Alphabet Club.

Chloe is a pretty girl with long fair curls and big blue eyes. She is spoiled by her parents with the freedom to do anything she likes, and boasts about this to her friends. Chloe is in the alphabet club with Amy, Bella, Daisy and Emily. She is Emily's former best friend and is very mean to Daisy. Poor Daisy suffers the cruel and mean treatments from Chloe. However, with the help of Daisy's sister Lily, who has a damaged brain, Chloe wets her pants when Lily frightens her nearly to death, believing Lily is a witchy-white ghost.

Throughout the story Chloe is boasting to her friends about her upcoming sleepover party, saying she will have a cool cake and do lots of cool stuff. It appears Chloe likes pink, as when she came to Daisy's party, she wore all pink. Chloe is a mean and rude character.