Ellie Allard is the main character in The Girls Series. She is a 13 year old girl who is awkward and very self conscious about her looks. Ellie liked drawing, sketching and art. She thoroughly dislikes school and often tells lies, such as lying about a boyfriend in Girls in Love.


Full name

Ellie Allard


13 years old


Dan (temporarily)

Dream Dan (imaginary)

Russell (boyfriend)

Favourite subjects

Art and English


Being in love, having Magda and Nadine as her best friends, Art and English


Her looks, falling out with Magda and Nadine, periods, not having a boyfriend

Appearance, Family & Relationships Edit

Appearance Edit

Ellie is chubby, with legs she describes as 'big pink hams' and a round tummy, bottom and chest. She is also the smallest out of her best friends. She has frizzy hair that she wants to grow, dye or cut off. Ellie wears round, little granny glasses.

Family Edit

Ellie's mum died when she was very young, but Ellie has a stepmum Anna who she gets along with very well. She has an annoying little brother called Eggs who she bickers with a lot. Ellie doesn't really like her dad and describes him as disgusting.

Relationships Edit

Ellie has two best friends that she loves: Magda, a glamorous blonde who loves boys & fashion, and Nadine, a moody goth who loves darkness.

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