Ellie Allard is a character in Girls in Love, Girls under Pressure, Girls out Late and Girls in Tears.

She is a 13 year old girl who is awkward and very self conscious about her looks. Ellie liked drawing, sketching and art. She thoroughly dislikes school and often tells lies, such as lying about a boyfriend in Girls in Love. Template:Infobox

Appearance, Family & Relationships Edit

Appearance Edit

Ellie is chubby, with legs she describes as 'big pink hams' and a round tummy, bottom and chest. She is also the smallest out of her best friends. She has frizzy hair that she wants to grow, dye or cut off. Ellie has glasses and thinks she is a lot fatter than she really is.


Ellie lost her mum at a young age and her dad remarried to a woman called Anna who he had a son with known as eggs. Ellie didn't like Anna at first but eventually got used to her. Eggs is a brother who can be very annoying and even mean without knowing like when he calls Ellie "Smelly Ellie". Ellie loves her dad but argues with him a lot.


Relationships Edit

Ellie has two best friends that she loves: Magda, a glamorous blonde who loves boys & fashion, and Nadine, a moody goth who loves darkness. She had a crush on a blonde boy who she named a "Dreamboat". She met a boy called Dan when she was in Wales and even pretended Dan was 15 and was like her crush. She is dating Russell who she met at McDonalds while out with Magda and Nadine.