Garnet Barker

Birth Name

Garnet Barker


11 (Double Act) 29 (The Butterfly Club)


Ruby Barker (twin sister)


Richard Barker, Opal Barker (deceased)


Judy, Jamilla


Double Act, The Butterfly Club

Garnet is Ruby's twin sister and is quite timid and a bit of a push-over especially when she is put up against her twin. She is very forgiving when Ruby is mean to her and has a very mild temper. She is quite friendly if she warms up to someone. She is very clever, as shown by her getting a scholarship to a boarding school when her sister didn't. She is also tidy and rarely gets her clothes dirty. At the end of Double Act, she goes to boarding school, where she can blossom without Ruby bossing her around. She is supposed to have gotten on well at the school and made several friends.

Appearance Edit

Garnet has long, straight dark brown hair tied in two plaits. She also has brown eyes and fair skin.

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