Gemma Jackson

Birth Name

Gemma Jackson


8 (9 at the end)


Liz Jackson (mother) Fergus Jackson (father)


Callum Jackson (oldest brother), Jack Jackson (older brother)


Alice Barlow, Biscuits Mcvitie


Flora Hamilton


Cakes, cream, food, bike riding, Alice, pretend games


Pink, ballet, Flora, girly things


Best Friends

Gemma Jackson is the main character in Best Friends. She is best friends with Alice and is devastated when she moves to Scotland. She is enemies with Biscuits when he tells where Gemma and Alice are when they run away.

Personality Edit

Gemma is a tomboy, who enjoys riding bikes and pretend games. She is quite chatty and rough.

Appearance Edit

Gemma is a tom-boy who likes to play rough and play with only boys. She has a best friend who was born on the same day as her and same time. But she is very different her name is Alice. One day Gemma finds out that Alice is hiding something from her. And she finds out she doesn't like it. She finds out that Alice is moving to Scotland. They both do something sneaky about it and get caught. Gemma gets the blame. Find out more about the book and read it you will love it.

An emotianl story about two best friend. Read it and enjoy. Don't miss out

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