Hetty Feather
Hetty Feather as appeared on the book

Birth Name

Sapphire Battersea


5 (first half of Hetty Feather) 10 (second half of Hetty Feather) 14 (Sapphire Battersea, first half of Emerald Star) 15 (second half of Emerald Star, Diamond, Little Stars)


Foundling Hospital (Hetty Feather), Mr Buchanan's house (Sapphire Battersea)


Evelyn Edenshaw (mother) Bobbie Waters (father)


Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star, Diamond, Little Stars


Polly (Hetty Feather), Bertie (Sapphire Battersea) Janet Maple (Emerald Star) Diamond (Emerald Star, Diamond)


Bertie (Albert) Briggs (currently), Jem Cotton (formerly)

Hetty Feather, born Sapphire Battersea in 1876- the Victorian era, self-named Emerald Star, is the main character in Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea and Emerald Star. She also appears in Diamond Little Stars and Clover Moon. In CBBCs adaptation of Hetty Feather, Hetty Feather is played by Isabel Clifton. In the West End Stage Play, Hetty Feather is played by Phoebe Thomas.

Appearance Edit

Hetty has long, fiery red hair, sapphire blue eyes, pale skin and is very small and slight. She always longs for her mother and is very determined and always keeps up with her plans.


Hetty Feather is very confident, brave and daring and will do anything for her loved ones. She also fierce and not afraid of anything or anyone that will stand in her way for definate if it includes friends. Hetty has lots of friends including clover moon and diamond . Her mother is called ida battersea who died during a cold . Hetty went to her father but he already had a wife and she left and joined the circus and met polly a friend who she met in the foundling hospital .

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