Book of the MonthEdit


Issue 27's Book of the Month is The Suitcase Kid.

When her parents seperate, Andy feels as if her life has been split in two.

Faced with living with Mum one week and Dad thge next, all Andy wants to do is go back to Mulberry Cottage and live happily ever after. But Mum and Dad have moved in with their new families and now Andy is the outsider, shifting from one house to the other.

Living out of a suitcase is no picnic; but it's nothing compared to sharing a bedroom with her spiteful step-sister, Katie. When Dad and Carrie announce that they are expecting a baby, Andy soon realises that nothing is ever as easy as A, B, C...

Book Club Question SuggestionsEdit

  • Radish is very inportant to Andy. What things do you cherish?
  • Why do you think Andy gets tummy aches and headaches so often?
  • How would you cope if you had to share a room with a new step brother or sister?
  • Why do you think Katie is so nasty to Andy?
  • Do you think Zoe will change the way andy feels about her step families?

Story SchoolEdit

This issue's Story School shows you how to create a short story, with each chapter name beginning with the letters of the alphabet.

A is for _________

Put a girl's name here. You could choose Amy, Angela, Agnes, Alice, Anusha, Amandeep, Alannah...? Write a little paragraph about your girl. What does she look like? What sort of girl is she? Who does she live with?

B is for Best Friend

Our girl has a very special best friend. Who is she? How long have they been friends? What do they like to do together?

C is for Crisis

Oh dear, the girls quarrel and break friends. Why? What happens? How does our main character feel? What does she do?

D is for Decision

She comes to a very important decision. It's the only way she can think of to make friends again. What is this decision? Does she get very worried about it? Is it the right decision?

E is for Ending

Now it's time to finish our story. I hope your girl's decision means she's made it up with her best friend and so there's a happy ending!

How to DrawEdit

This issue shows you how to draw Andy's Sylvanian rabbit, Radish.

1. Start by sketching the basic shape of a bunny's head.

2. Draw a t-shirt shape with a collar and give Radish a full skirt.

3. Add detail to the inside of her ears and pencil in her paws. Draw creases on her skirt and a thin hem along the bottom.

4. Give Radish two round black eyes and a cute little nose and mouth. You can colour her outfit any way you like!

Nick's Tip: Have fun drawing a whole Sylvanian rabbit family with different outfits.