Kim is a girl with long black hair. She is about 11. In Bad Girls she and Melanie and Sarah bullies 10 year old Mandy because of the age of her parents, her 55 year old mum and 62 year old dad and because she is sweet and babyish. She wants to be on the front cover of Teen Vogue when she is older. In the middle of the book she gets told off by the principal. In the end of the book which she is already in Year 6, her new teacher Miss Mosely has a session of Circle Time with the whole class and they talk about grown up topics. Kim suggests that they might be going to talk about sex which makes everyone giggle. But they talk about bullying which leads to whispers of the Mandy's and Kim's name. In the last pages because of the frightening talks of bullying in Circle Time, she and Melanie and Sarah stop bullying Mandy. Mandy becomes friends with Melanie and Sarah. Mandy mentions that if Kim does bully her, she would be alone.