martha Edit

Also a foundling, she was fostered by peg too and was the first foundling that peg took back to hospital that hetty knew about. She is blind in one eye though which worried jem when she left to go back to hospital thinking she would need help, peg did cry about letting her go back and did hold her blanket when hetty found her down stairs when going to toilet. When hetty went back, she did find Martha but Martha didn't remember anything of home and didn't know hetty which did upset hetty and when hetty cried, Martha did say that she was the one who cried, when hetty went outside in the playground, she did follow Martha and her 2 friends, Elizabeth and Marjorie, but they didn't want to be friends with hetty.

When hetty got a gold star in class, Martha did go up to her and told her well done but didn't remember much still.

At the queens golden jubilee fairground, she was hanging out with Elizabeth and Marjorie and when hetty went up to them, they both told her to leave them alone and that Martha had them, Martha didn't speak but just smiled at her and hetty left them.

She didn't appear in the other books which means she was sent out on service

appearance Edit

  • Her oufits wont shown when she was living with peg but she did wear her best sunday clothes when leaveing
  • Like other foundings, she wore the uniform but she had glasses for her eyes
  • no other oufits are known

family Edit

  • real family not known
  • foster mother: peg
  • foster father: john
  • foster brothers: jem, saul, Gideon, nat and marcus
  • foster sisters: hetty, eliza (older one) , bess, nora and eliza (founding one)

trivia Edit

  • she was the first one that hetty saw go back to the hospital
  • she is blind
  • she doesint remember any family
  • she wears glasses in the hospital
  • This was the only book she appeared in
  • her actor is not known for the theater show
  • she is out on service now