Marty is an eight year old girl who is a tomboy.She cannot stand her eleven year old sister Melissa who is a massive girly girl. Marty is apparently popular with a girl called Jaydene who likes Melissa more than Marty.

Marty loves drawing pictures of her as a superhero called mighty mart  and pretends to be her in her own red converse bouncing over rooftops with her built- in springs she has a collection of stuffed toys.

Her worst enemies Katie, Ingrid, and Alisha call her bluebottle after the horrible dress her mum made her wear for Alisha's dance party which she did not want to go to . And Marty does not like the fact that her mum is the school secretary.


Marty has messy shoulder-length fair curls and blue eyes. Her favourite clothes are a red and yellow POW! t-shirt, blue jeans and red converse trainers.

Marty Michaels

Birth Name

Martina Michaels




Jaydene, Micky West


Melissa Michaels


Jan and Harry Michaels


The Worst Thing About My Sister

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