Pearl Wells is the protagonist of Jacqueline Wilson's novel, My Sister Jodie. She is a shy, quiet girl who idolises her older sister, Jodie and aspires to be more like her, despite her tendency to get in trouble. in the story jodie is described as bold and tarty which she loves


Pearl is slight and smaller then average for her age, possibly due to the fact that she was born prematurely. She has fair hair, which she usually wears in two plaits and a pale complexion. Pearl describes the clothes she wears as dull and childish. Template:Infobox


Pearl is very timid and is often over-shadowed by her wild older sister, who Pearl absolutely adores. She is very well-behaved and, as a result, she is favoured over Jodie by their mother. However, due to Pearl's reluctancy to stand up for herself, she was targeted by bullies at her previous school and found herself friendless, until her family moved to Melchester College. Pearl can also be quite anxious and nervous, particularly concerning her sister's explicit activites and unusual choices, such as when Jodie dyed her hair black, turning it's original orange colour purple instead. Pearl is also very loyal to her friends and family, as is displayed when she stood up for her mother's position as cook at Melchester. Her friends in Melchester were: Harry (Harriet) Freya, Clarrisa and more,

Pearl is devastated and heartbroken when tragedy strikes and after they move to a flat in London, unable to live at the college where Jodie died, she keeps in touch with Harley and some others. Her mom has a baby, a girl called May. Pearl says she'll be a good sister to May, but never as good as Jodie was to her. She also is afraid that she could never love her sister, as she thinks she has used up all of her love on Jodie.

The book starts of with the word Jodie, and ends with the word, Jodie.