Rhiannon is one of bullies and Floss's ex best friend. She gave up to Floss when Floss started being friends with Susan Potts.


Rhiannon is shown to have sleek, long black hair. Floss thinks she is beautiful and Rhiannon thinks the world of herself. She likes to wear the latest fashions

Memorable MomentsEdit

One of Rhiannon's memorable moment is when it was Floss's birthday and she gave Floss a real rose quartz bracelet when Floss had given Rhiannon a simple friendship bracelet when it was her birthday and a friendship bracelet kit. Floss had thought she would get a simple friendship bracelet back and was quite shocked when she received the other bracelet.

When floss and Rhiannon go out shopping there is a photo of their new outfits. Rhiannon looks like a fashion model where Floss looks sad and unhappy. Rhiannon's mum is overbearingly friendly and altogether oblivious to Rhiannon's nasty antics.

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