Sweetie KilmanEdit

Sweetie Kilman is the second oldest daughter of Danny and Suzy Kilman, and the younger sister of Sunset . Her first and only appearance is in the book Little Darlings. Sweetie loves Suzy the most and same with her dad Danny. Sweetie is the ultimate Celebrity offspring she can cordite outfits and make herself beautiful and turn on the drama and charm.Sweetie takes after Suzy and so does Ace.


Sweetie is small with long blonde very straight hair. Sweetie is apparently pretty and likes wearing stylish clothes. For the main duration of the book, she has perfect teeth but one fell out during the end.


Sweetie lives up to her name. She is popular among nearly everyone she meets and the family favorite.

Sweetie is girly and smart, she is also loyal. She usually notices things that other people wouldn't. She has a habit of abandoning Sunset when she can't get her face paint or nail varnish right to go to someone she hates or she knows won't help. She is dramatic at times and a little clueless.

She is the smartest out of the three children and normally speaks with a little lisp.