The Butterfly Club

Release Date

12th February 2015




Nick Sharratt

The Butterfly Club is a book by Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a girl called Tina who is a triplet. Her sisters Phil and Maddie can just about do everything better than her. Tina is much smaller than her sisters and relies on them most of the time. They protect her from Selma Johnson, the meanest girl in class. When the girls start scary Miss Lovejoy's class, they are split up and Tina has to sit next to Selma Johnson! But Tina becomes friends with Selma and they start a butterfly garden. Tina draws lots of pictures of butterflies and sends one in to Ruby Red, her favourite television programme. She gets to go on Ruby Red's show with Phil, Maddie and Selma. They meet up with Ruby Red (who appeared in Double Act when she was a child) and her twin sister Garnet, who is the executive producer.

Characters Edit

Tina Maynard- The main character. She is the smallest out of her sisters due to a weak heart. Tina has a special china doll called Baby, who Selma the bully stole!

Philippa Maynard (Phil)- Tina and Maddie's sister.

Madeleine Maynard (Maddie)- Phil and Tina's sister.

Mrs Maynard- Tina, Phil and Maddie's mum.

Mr Maynard- Tina, Phil and Maddie's dad.

Selma Johnson- The bully in Phil, Maddie and Tina's class. Tina gets stuck sitting next to her in their new class. She does many horrible things, such as ruining Tina's caterpillar drawing, and stealing Tina's doll, Baby.

Mrs Johnson- Selma's mum

Jason- Selma's step dad

baby joel- Selma's littler step brother

Sam- Selma's little step brother

Neera- Phil's best friend

Harry- Phil, Maddie and Tina's friend.

Alistair- A boy who sits at Tina's table.

Miss Lovejoy- teacher in their new class.

Mick- A boy at Tina's table.

Peter- A boy at Tina's table.

Kayleigh- A girl who sits the other side of Tina.

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